Tattoo Cover Up Ideas [2022 Inspiration Guide]

 Cover up tattoos for Men 2022

Tattoo cover up ideas

Among several choices, tattoo cover ups can be one of the options for those whose permanent ink designs end up being a choice they regret making.

According to a Harris Interactive study done on people with tattoos, of those that responded 57 percent stated their tattoos caused them embarrassment, 37 percent said it lowered their body image, an additional 37 percent said it caused issues with clothing and about 25 percent stated it created a stigma.

Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Figures such as these should impress upon people the importance of being wise in the decision process of obtaining permanent body art.


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Cover up or remove tattoo

Covering up one tattoo with another is the perfect solution for those that love their tattoos but for one of a number of reasons, find it necessary to cover one of them. There are many reasons people feel the need to hide certain tattoos. Some are more prevalent than others. Here are some of the reasons encountered resulting in the decision to cover tattoos:

1) Names – Names are one of the number one reasons people choose to cover tattoo work. Unless it is a family member it is highly recommended to put serious thought into the permanence of a relationship prior to getting their name permanently inked on your body.

2) Nudity – Here is another common reason for covering ink. In most all of society; the workplace, public functions, church and practically anywhere you find children; tattoos containing nudity are at the least frowned upon and under some circumstances considered illegal.

3) Racist – Tattoos with racist themes are never a good idea. People may hold strong beliefs in this area, but it can be dangerous to display their “* insert-race-here * pride” on their skin where people who may take offense can see it. The beatings, mutilations from crude tattoo removal, and deaths occurring from these style tattoos are far too frequently seen.

4)Gang Tattoos – Tattoo cover ups are quite often used to hide former gang affiliations. The stigma related to tattoos, unfortunately, has come primarily from gangs’ use of tattoos to identify other members and identify opposing gang members as well. Those who choose to escape this lifestyle must remove any identifying tattoos for their own safety from other gangs and even their own former members.

5) Occult Symbols – As with gangs, people can get caught up in the occult lifestyle to the extent that they will put symbols relating to it on their body in permanent ink. Many of these people experience a change of heart or faith and choose to have these tattoos covered or removed. These are just some of the reasons people choose to have their ink covered or changed. Bad tattoo work, misspellings and incorrect translations also contribute to a large number of cover ups done in shops.

Any misgivings about a tattoo should be thoroughly considered and discussed with the artist before the work begins. An honest tattoo artist will let you know if there are possibilities for future problems with the piece, and some will even refuse to do certain types of work like gang, racist and obscene tattoos.

Tattoo (tatoo removal)

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Due to the high cost of removal , it can be considered relatively inexpensive to receive tattoo cover ups from an experienced artist.

With the large array of ink colors, shading techniques and needle varieties available to artists now practically any tattoo can be covered and/or changed into something to be proud of. Most all cover ups turn out beautiful and can even be better than the original piece if done by an experienced professional.

If you have a tattoo that is a cover up of another piece and are willing to share pictures, we would love to show them off! We would also appreciate before and after pictures if they are available.

Use our contact page to send your pictures and any information you wish to share about the tattoos or the process and we will post them. Perhaps your experience could help save someone else the money and frustration experienced when a tattoo has to be covered, for whatever reason.

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