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Tibetan Tattoos

“Tattoo letters and designs”

Tibetan Tattoo Designs

Tibetan tattoos are a rare but very beautiful sight. Whether they are Tibetan script or symbols, there are many design ideas for a person seeking an unusual or unique piece.

Every element of the Tibetan art form can be traced back to its obvious origin, Tibet. Tibetan art has grown from many influences, primarily the Tibetan monks and their belief that the words and iconography they use are sacred.

It is believed by many that this art is sacred and should only be applied in certain places on the body. There are many people (some famous) now who have gotten Tibetan mantras or floral arrangements where ever they chose with no irreparable damage. The art itself is beautiful, the script is delicate and flowing and can make a very beautiful tattoo.

There is the same concern here, though, that all foreign language tattoos pose. You really must be sure the Tibetan tattoos you select are translated correctly and the letters are perfectly transposed.

Tibetan tattoo

Tibetan tattoo letters 2022

Otherwise, you could have something that means something completely different than what was intended. With Tibetan calligraphy, there are two common scripts, U-chen and U-me. U-chen is the script used commonly now for religious purposes and day to day writing.

Tibetan art definitely has an Asian style, with bold colors and rich designs. There are very fine details in the artwork and this could be transferred by a good artist into amazing tattoo art. The “Four Dignities” are commonly seen in Tibetan art and Tibetan tattoos. They are part of Tibetan religious ceremonies and practices.

Dragon – The qualities of the Dragon include: power, dominance over the sea, and the water element

Tiger – The qualities of the tiger are: confidence, dominance over the forest, and the air element.

Snow Lion – The Snow Lion tattoo has these qualities: fearlessness, dominance over mountains, and the earth element.

Garuda – The garuda has these qualities: wisdom, dominance over the sky, and the fire element.

Dragon tattoo art

Also popular for those seeking a Tibetan tattoo is the twelve sun signs. These can be done in the western zodiac or the Chinese zodiac. There are specific script designs for each of these. These can be personalized to create a beautiful, original tattoo.

Tibetan tattoo

There are several things commonly associated with Tibetan culture and art. These are added to many designs to make them original, things like prayer flags and mani wheels and mani stones. These are highly decorated flags and stones used by Tibetans when praying and meditating.

The flags have specific colors attached to them, blue for the sky, white for the clouds, red for fire, green for water and yellow for earth. These can be added to offer color and originality to your Tibetan tattoo.

Tibetan tattoo

Tiger tattoo design

With the immense amount of history and information, a person can design a tattoo with many different aspects of Tibetan culture. Whether you are a follower of the religion or just an admirer of the art there are many sources available to reference.

If you have a Tibetan styled tattoo we would love to share it here! Please use our contact page to submit your picture and story if you have one.

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