20+ Lion Tattoos For Men : Simple Lion Tattoo Designs 2022

Best Lion Tattoos For Men

“simple lion tattoo designs”

simple lion tattoo designs

simple lion tattoo designs

Considering getting a tattoo lion Leo is the astrological symbol for those born between July 23 and August 22. This astrological sign is symbolized by the lion originating from the constellation of Leo. If you are wanting to design your own tattoo you have many choices to choose from.

tribal lion tattoo designs

This is also a fire sign, which is why the lion is frequently depicted with fire in tattoos and art. The lion is a subject of tattoo art for many other reasons as well.

tribal lion tattoo designs

The lion is known as “the king of the jungle” and the person getting the tattoo often displays or wishes to display the characteristics of the lion. A regal nature, pride and a strong personality are some of these characteristics.

From tribal lion tattoos to religious symbols the styles and designs variety greatly. The tattoo lion Leo is not the only popular tat for these large cats.

tribal lion tattoo

Lion Head Tattoo

The lion head is a common subject for tattoos. It is desirable for those who want a lion tat but do not want a large piece. The head can be sized to fit almost anywhere or can be as large as a person chooses. The lion head is commonly done in tribal art with bold designs and solid colors.

lion tattoo

Movie Lion Tattoo Artwork

There have also been many likenesses done of the lion from “The Wizard of Oz”. Everyone remembers the cowardly lion from the movie that only wanted courage from the wizard. These tattoos are done not only in remembrance of their favorite movie, but sometimes to remind the wearer that

simple lion tattoo designs

everyone’s courage comes from their own spirit and not from outside sources.

tribal lion tattoo designs

The Lion King is another movie that has inspired many different tattoos. With numerous characters to draw from the design choices are almost endless. Simba, the lion cub prince, the King and Queen of the pride Mufasa and Sarabi and the archenemy of the movie, Scar have all been turned into tattoo artwork. These characters all have their own personalities and characteristics that people have incorporated into original tattoo art.

roaring lion tattoo designs

The lion has long represented Christ in the Christian religions,one of His many names in the bible is “The Lion of Judah”. For Christian believers it is not uncommon to see a lions head incorporated into cross tattoos and other religious symbols to display their spiritual beliefs.

simple lion tattoo designs

It isn’t difficult to create an original tattoo lion. Leo or cowardly lions and even as a spiritual display, these are just a few of the reasons people choose this subject for a tattoo. A little research and creativity can go a long way toward having a beautiful lion tattoo of your own.

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