Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs || 3D Butterfly tattoo designs 2022

Butterfly tattoo designs 2022

“Free tattoos designs”

Butterfly tattoo designs

butterfly tattoo designs

Single butterfly tattoo designs are quite possibly the most commonly requested body art for females. Not only are butterflies beautiful and feminine, they can be as original and creative as a person wishes. Butterflies come in every color of the spectrum and practically every pattern possible. This offers the possibility that even if one is on their first or their twentieth tattoo, a new and original design can be created. Consider the information on this page for some personal tattoo ideas.

butterfly tattoo art

Celtic butterfly tattoos

With most creatures and animals different cultures have different meanings for each. The butterfly is unique in its sameness across cultures. In Celtic lore, Greek mythology and even Native American cultures butterflies represent first the soul, then change, and also freedom and joy. These themes are always associated with these beautiful winged creatures.

Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs

Flower butterfly tattoos

Butterflies are also often included in tattoos with flowers, vines, rainbows and many of natures other scenery. While most butterfly tattoo designs are the creation of the artist, there are numerous butterflies in nature beautiful and unusual enough to be recreated in body art.

When choosing to create butterfly tattoo art from actual butterflies in nature here are several worthy of consideration:

flower butterfly tattoos

Types of butterfly tattoo art

The Blue Morpho – This neotropical butterfly is an excellent choice when opting for a single color. The iridescent blue wings are brilliantly colored with a gold underside and brown or bronze colored eyespots.

Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs "Free tattoos designs"

The Goliath Birdwing – This is the second largest butterfly in nature, making it a beautiful choice for a large piece, along with its brightly colored green, black and yellow almost neon coloring.

The Painted Lady – True to its name, this butterfly, also known as the Thistle and Cosmopolitan butterfly, is multi-colored with blues, pinks, reds and browns covering its wings.

Tiger Swallowtail – This butterfly is likely the model for most tattoo butterflies. With large, delicate wings and bright colors, it fits perfectly the feminine image of a butterfly.

tribal butterfly tattoo designs

A wonderful aspect of the butterfly being incorporated into body art is its ability to fit most anywhere. Butterflies can stand alone in small feminine locations like ankles or wrists, or they can fill large spaces like shoulders and backs with incredible detail and amazing colors. Butterfly tattoo art has uncountable possibilities, limited only by a persons imagination.

Along with all the colored possibilities of butterfly tattoo designs, there are also the tribal butterfly designs. Tribal is typically done in a single bold color with strong lines and intricate detail. This is a perfect style choice for butterflies. The smallest detail of a butterflies wings can be interpreted in the tribal style to create amazing works of art.

tribal butterfly tattoo

Lower back butterfly tattoo

Butterflies are commonly tattooed to represent a girl coming into her womanhood, but they can also represent the birth of a child, or the passing of a loved one into the next phase of life. These tattoos can have added importance to the wearer by adding lettering to their tattoos including names, dates and other phrases of significance. The choice of lettering style can define the overall tattoo, whether bold tribal lettering is used or subtle calligraphy is chosen.

It is always exciting to see what new butterfly tattoo designs are being created. If you have a butterfly tattoo and you would like to share it, please use our contact page to send in your pictures. If you would like to send in the story behind your tattoos and their significance to you, we would love to share those as well. Please remember to keep your pictures PG rated, as we strive to maintain a clean, obscenity free site for everyone to enjoy!

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